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Child in Air Yoga

Respite Care:
Short-term child care services
 that offer temporary relief,
 improve family stability, and
 reduce the risk of abuse or neglect.

Home and
Community-Based Waiver Services
Cleaning a Stove

Prices Vary:
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-General Cleaning-​
-Planning Meals-
-Preparing Meals-
-Running Errands-

*The first 3 weeks paid in advance, then will be billed weekly after 1st week of service.

Companion Services
"It's about the journey and what is learned along the way."
Senior Patient with Walker

Our Mission Statement

Better Care Starts with You!

To improve the quality of life for people of all ages and disabilities, with an understanding that all people have choices and rights.
All people are to be treated with respect
and dignity.
It is not about the way things are,
It's about the way things should be.

Elderly Assistance
"A Home Care Service of Palm Beach County, Corp."
Promises to allow for individual choice when providing services. It is the responsibility of the individual receiving services to establish the procedures and routines by which his or her household is operated and through which his/her daily life revolves. We understand that some of our consumers may need encouragement to express their preferences and assistance with making decisions. We understand that the ability to choose may be difficult for some consumers and therefore, assistance will be given to allow the individual to make well-informed and safe choices while respecting his/her right to choose.